Friday, January 16, 2009

Many thanks to doublewoot for the mannequin =)

Plain dress with buttons
Price: Rm55
Description : Thick satin material, comes with a detachable belt to enchance your waist line . Waist line are also slightly pleated, yum
Size : Side zipper, fits up to uk10
Colour: Black(SOLD), Fuchsia(Available), Red(SOLD), Green-Turqoise(SOLD)

Obi shirt dress
Price: RM48
Description : Satin material with detachable cotton obi belt , looks stylish with an attitude when worn !
Size : Smocked waist to fit all sizes
Colour: Glam Purple(SOLD), Black(pending), Yellow(SOLD)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Corset dress
Price: RM50
Description : A dress with no worries of it dropping down( trust me, its not easy)! fully secured with smocked back. Drama ribbon adds to the glam party feel! =)
Size : Fits all sizes, smocked back with side zipper
Colour: gray(SOLD), beige(SOLD)

Yup, everything from this point and below ! Email me at for any questions and lower pricing !

Better deals for those only last piece left! hurry away!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Harem Pants
Price: RM55
Description :Made from superbly thick work-wear ish material !Seriously, you ll be amazed with the material! Get into the harem so called drop crotch style now!
Size : Black ( S(SOLD), M(SOLD)) and Gray ( S(SOLD),M(SOLD))
Colour: gray, black

Into the harem style :-

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hi shoppers, i wud like to announce that princesboutique will only be selling until end of Jan , i am really heavy hearted to leave this biz, but have to continue studies overseas , hopefully if given chance, when im back, i will cont back =)

hereby announce that all items will be on SALES , we promise a good one, email me for best pricing

meanwhile, we will have some new arrivals until thn too !
taaa! miss you all!

for those items which are restockable, nex restock will be on 2nd jan

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ms donut new updates 2

High waisted Long Pants *restockable*
Price: RM68
Description :Made from superbly thick cotton material ! top notch! and comes with a detachable sash which matches the pants !
Size : Black ( S(SOLD), M(SOLD)) and Gray ( S(SOLD),M(SOLD))
Restocked : Black M (Available in hand)
Colour: black, gray

Ruffled cut
Price: RM50
Description : Very good modish non wrinkled material ( no need to iron) , now note the cuff! isnt it just soo cute and delicately design ?Need i say more ?
Size : Black ( S(SOLD), M) and White ( S,M)
Colour: black, white

enlarge to view the cuff and ruffles =)

Kimono with chiffon R
Price: RM46
Description :Satin kimono plus chiffon rim!Class =) And we love the jap feel in this kimono !
Stretchable waist band to fit all sizes and sleeves connected to a string to be tied back to prevent sleeves from falling sideways =)
Colour: black(SOLD), pink, white(SOLD)

Monday, December 1, 2008

ms donut new updates^^

Checkered two toned
Price: RM49
Description : Sleeved dress with tulip skirt, isnt that just yummy combo ? =) Made from thick quality cotton
Colour: black checkered(SOLD), light brown checkered(Available), dark blue checkered(Available)

Satin ruffle

Price: RM49
Description : Satin mania! This piece of dress is specially for bigger sized! I would say uk8 and 10 , uk6 cannot fit in this piece ^^
Colour: black(Available), gold(Available)

Party ruffle toga dress
Price: RM65 ( psst, my dressroom in bangsar going for rm129.90!)
Description : Dramatic dress anyone ?hehe! Layers of chiffon ruffles with thick cotton bottom guarantee to bring out the partaayy or even dinner feel! Side zipper present with pockets ! Fits uk6 & 8
Colour: white(1SOLD,1 available), black(SOLD)

Cut-in motive top
Price: RM49
Description : We love how the ruffles top and the mini frilled collar blends with the motives and colour !!
Colour: green (upper)(SOLD), dark yellow (upper)(SOLD), light brown (upper)(available)
Restocked : dark yellow (upper)(SOLD)

Sluggish Wear
Price: RM48
Description : Soft quality cotton,a specially designed top which fits all sizes ! Note the front drop down style and side ways are covered , no bra exposing =)
Colour: gray(available), white(SOLD), blue(SOLD), black(SOLD)